New chapter: Unemployed.

Hi there, it’s been awhile. I recently decided to quit my hopeless unhappy job at a soft skills training development center for children. So I did quit at August 10, 2017; ultimately quit after  almost two months (Sep 28, 2017). My colleagues followed suit too, just being generally unsatisfied with this shitty work. I did feel more relief after quit, my anxiety definitely decreased since I quit. I don’t have to worry about the annoying kids anymore.

Despite without a job lining up after I quit, I still feel good. I feel relieved. I feel alleviated from the weight and depression I feel for so long since I worked there. Soon after, I started taking online classes, neural network by Andrew Ng and The Analytic Edge to hone my statistical skills. I know my stat is bad and I really need to up my game and build up my CV. I hope I could find something that I like really soon. Taking Modafinil really helps to an extent but I really work hard.


B’s birthday was okay good, I made him a paper wallet placed in a black box on top of some confetti, underneath I placed the real wallet. I bluffed and gave him the box. His first reaction is silly smile and said “that’s all?” It was really funny and he loved my gift. Later we had buffet dinner and  just went home without sex as it was too tiring for him.



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