A new start with B.

As for the starter, hmm. I first met B on last Sunday (20 Dec) over the pizza place and we walked around. He was really shy and I can tell, he was very nervous. And he wouldn’t want his picture taken in any way. After the walked around TST and as we decide to go home, we were at the MTR platform, I tried to hug him. But he got a little panicked and pushed me away a little, and he swiftly tried to hold my hand instead. Later, as my train almost arrived, I stole a hug from him and hopped on the train. He immediately texted me as I left.  He was actually having a boner as I tried to hug him, therefore, he pushed me away because he was concerned that I will realize that. LOL.

So the next day (21 Dec)  we went out again for Korean food at CWB and he was a bit shy too, but better. And he is very nerdy cute, and could be dashing if he cuts his hair short and more confident with himself. And we walked around at the Tamar park overlooking the HK view. We held hands and he held me close because I was in cold. And we shared our first kiss there (andmy first kiss). I took him home with me, and we had sex. We took each other’s virginity (sorta, he is 50% virgin) and we both enjoyed it, although he couldn’t cum because we were too tired at the end. He hasn’t sleep much lately and we had a 4 hours sex (I think we enjoyed foreplay too much) and he did go down on me and his tongue is good. I gave him a bit blow job too at the shower and it was my first. And we slept naked in cuddle til afternoon. It was awesome and we both enjoyed it.

And we had it again on 23 Dec in the morning because he had to go to lab in the afternoon and my roommate will be back soon enough. So he came to my house in the morning with McD breakfast and we had sex again…..for almost 5 hours….. I think we are just enraging teenagers that can’t get enough of one another~ He did cum this time, but when we was mutually masturbating…. It was really hot for me. He worshipped me and I love it.

On Christmas eve, we spent the night together stroling on the street, watched movie, and had ice-cream at the middle of night. It was awesome. Because I finally found someone to spend my Christmas with. And yes I am very happy. We haven’t DTR yet, but this might be a good begining.


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