New guy, B?

Hello, strangers. Do you miss me?

I’ve been incognito for quite some time. Deadlines and shits. Don’t worry, I wasn’t in any deep shit.  I know, my last post was about my rejection. But I’ve doing pretty good recently. My mood is all time good, most of the time I’m feeling positive and hopeful *exactly what I need during this stressful period.

But something interesting happened to me. So I’ve been exchanging messages with this guy called B, we found me on OkCupid about 2 weeks plus ago (since November 15) and we kicked off pretty fast. We figured out we are both recently experienced love failure (he was dumped by her 4 years long term relationship last May) and we have similar thoughts about life and things…. YES we are both lonely. And he was very open about his sexual experience. And we kinda tumbled down into the black hole…. of sexting.

I swear I’m not that kind of person will do such thing (ever) but it was a moment of weakness. He was surprised too, that I’m into this thing. I am surprised by myself too. *I kinda can tell he is more of the nerd than a player- but I can’t be sure until I see him in real person(yes I haven’t met this guy yet….). It was two sided. Over the weekend, I was rushing my essay (2.5k in 2.5days) so stressed out it was kinda aphrodisiac for me to talk about sex stuff. I need the relief. I need the attention. I kinda reciprocated and it felt good.  I have no idea sexting someone can be so much fun and pleasure. He told me he never feel so hard in his life before, not even with his girlfriend. Later the next couple days we did sexting now and then, and one time he really did cum, to my photos (no nudes whatsoever, I cover em all and no faces, or they are just cute normal selfies). It was exhilarating to me. I mean, I feel the proud and the pride. I’m sexual enough. Kinda boosted my self-esteem and self-confidence.

Now, we’re still chatting here and there, but as we both kinda still fighting deadlines, I hope that I can meet him really soon, in person. Sex on first date? NO. I don’t think that is a good idea. But, I don’t think I (we) can contain myself if he is what I imagine/in pictures.*He totally has this bad boy look.


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