Confession of love?

So… I met him over dinner meeting today and I gave him the present. The dinner was slightly weird because I was too overthinking and he was slightly quiet, I guess it’s hard to turn things around when we haven’t been talking/seeing each other for quite some time. *note: he recently started ‘bro’-ing me, which I hate it so much, I guess I’m the one who is in friend zone*

On the walk to MTR, I was a bit reluctant to talk about my family and emotion problems to him, but he was easy on me, distracted me with other topics as he saw me a bit, quiet. In the end, I find myself hard to talk to him about it, so I brushed it off. I have more important agenda. And I told him how I feel before we go our own ways at the MTR station, at the platform. My speech supposed to be at least 1 minute long but the nervousness turned it into a 15 seconds super speed confession.

“Do you remember that time I was in Shanghai and I came back early? Actually I wanted to come back and see you.”

He didn’t look surprised.

“And I realized I really like you.”

His face was on full-blown WTF look and we were both on panicked mood in the middle of the crowd, babbled. So I told him.

“We can not talk about this right now….. We can talk about this later.”

So I walked away. I know I need to go. As soon as I was on the train, he texted me.


Sorry about just now

I wasn’t prepare for a relationship thing

Need some time to think

Have a good night

I know. I was too much.

I understand, it’s too random

At this stage, I am feeling alright, glad, happy, and a gist of nervousness. Because, at least I have said it out loud, got it out of my chest after for more than 3 months.


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