Barely breathing.

I can barely breathe, still I have to drag myself, put on my mask and be a normal cheerful person. While every time, whenever I’m alone, I just want to hold myself, pull my legs up just to hug myself a bit. I just want to sink into myself. Retract away from the world. I’m depressed again. I think so. I’m not too sure it’s the season change (suspects it’s seasonal affective disorder). And to keep myself above the water, I think I need to quit the child behavioral center. That internship is energy draining and I really don’t like the energy there, although I will really miss the kids there dearly (because they are the real angels there, while the grown-ups are the crazy one, I think). And I have deal with my FYP. I need to know where is my limits and this is where I draw my line.


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