Hey there. If anybody is reading this. Maybe not. I haven’t been writing much lately. Or I haven’t thinking much lately. Or I haven’t been with myself lately. It was all too busy since the beginning of the week. I was preoccupied with internship in a special needs children school whole day and night classes. Everyday I went home feeling weak, tired, and as if I could black out any moment. That place really sucks my energy and requires my undivided attention. As an introvert, it really takes away my sanity bit by bit, day by day. But I always love being hugged by the kids and I definitely love the smile of the children.

On the other hand, I spend most of my free time (fairly any) alone. I need the quiet and my new earphones is really a wonder as they work wonderfully. Gives me some zone out moment. I haven’t talk to the Sunrise guy yet. Not even a message, a phone call, not in any way. A total black out.

I miss him. I miss him a lot. And Venus retrograde is about to pass, after tomorrow. And I’m getting my shits together now. Fairly busy with my internships and classes and thesis. And occupying myself with them really helps me in putting him out of my mind.

I miss him. I still miss him. Every part of me still aches for him. I wonder how is he doing and whether he thinks of me now and then. I wonder if we can be something when we meet again.


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