一個人旅行的感想 Thoughts of being a lone traveler.

我想,是时候 该写个中文版的文章。 我的中文寫作很爛,盡力了, 請見諒 🙂
I think it’s about time for me to write a post in Chinese (given that I just went to Shanghai, and for those who can’t read Chinese, scroll down, I’ve got your back) 🙂

去旅行时,我经常被问要去哪。我不喜欢人多的地方,所以经常避免商场之类,回家能找到看到的东西。我自认是无神论,但我偏爱到寺啊,教堂, 庙之类, 那种旧旧的历史建筑, 还有大自然。somehow, 他们都带着一种很特别感觉,可能是一种平静,稳定, 舒服的感觉。

回到正题,我没有仔细规划旅行的习惯,往往都是到那才开始读当地的旅游书, 不太喜欢先上网查询,看看照片再决定去。 我觉得那样的话,就没有神秘感, 所以我特别喜欢Lonely Planet, 因为那本书里没有插图,只有作者对景点和地方简单的描述与感想;留下空间让你去探索, 看看是否和你想象的一样(当然不是每一本Lonely Planet 都好)。 个人认为,出去玩不需要太执着于打卡, 把时间表排得满满的,很累人,忘了一开始出来旅行的目的, 那又为了什么呢。


出來旅行,我最怕我老爸問我在哪。因爲我沒有plan, 之前在臺灣都是瞞著家人偷偷一人去旅行,當問起我的朋友在哪,我都有點結巴的回答我朋友在沖涼啦,去找朋友啦,等等的借口。不敢和爸說我一個人出去了, 不希望他們擔心。這一次在上海,爸每天每天都會問我好幾遍我在哪,我是不是和朋友一起。這一次,我沒有瞞著他, “Yes. I’m alone. ” 因爲我不想再説謊,有點過不去自己。


其實,一个人旅行,需要些勇气,需要些莫名的信心。当自助餐柜台服务员问你 “一位吗?”如果你可以很洒脱的说“是的,一位。”然后一人独霸四任桌,放满了食物,毫不顾虑,毫不犹豫地都吃得光,你就赢了。


一個人旅行, 你會更認識,了解自己,發現自己也可以那麽頑固,發現自己其實真正的是喜歡什麽,討厭什麽。

一個人旅行,讓我學習獨立,很多東西都要自己來。 沒有人會幫你扛行李到目的地,迷路了沒人會幫你看地圖, 肚子餓了沒有人會心疼,在外累了也要一個人硬撐回去, 病了也要自己振作起來, 傷心的時候也只好添自己的傷口安慰自己一切都會過去。最終,最愛你的人是你自己。


一個人旅行, 很多人說是爲了尋找自己。 其實自己一直都在你的身邊,只是一個人旅行讓你有個空間和時間,慢下腳步,和自己好好相處。

No matter where you go, there you are. – Confucius


I was often asked where I’m heading next. I don’t like going to crowded places, thereby I (almost) always skip through shopping plazas, places where you can find back home. I self-proclaimed atheist, but I adore places like temples, churches, mosques, old monuments or buildings, and of course places close to nature. Somehow, they carry a kind of special vibe; I find that peaceful, stable and comfortable vibe very soothing.

Back to the real topic. I don’t usually plan plan a trip, I just decide I want to go to Shanghai and I swear I knew nothing about Shanghai before I went there. I don’t fancy the idea of reading off online, look at the pictures of the place before I go. It loses the mystery of the whole place, leaving no room for imaginations. Therefore I absolutely love the Lonely Planet because the books don’t usually come with pictures; just descriptions and comments by the authors (of course, not all Lonely Planet are good, Taiwan one, meh…). I find that, travel shouldn’t be about crossing out all the places on the must do list recommended by the books or blogs, plan out down to every seconds of the day. I find them particularly tiring, losing the whole point of traveling. When my dad asked me what is the plan of the day, I told him “do I look like a person with a plan?”  


Every time I go travel, I’m always afraid of my dad asking my where-about. Because I never plan, plan. My previous solo trip to Taiwan? I have no idea where I want to go, I just booked the hostels in each city and make sure I have a place to stay at night. The rest? I only looked up when I get there and I went with the flow. But every time my dad asks me, “where are your friends? Are they with you?” I lied. I told him my friend went to shower, meet friends blablabla. I don’t dare to tell him I was all alone because I was scared that he’ll worry. However, this time in Shanghai, as usual he asked me those usual questions where I am? Am I alone? Are you with your friends?, I didn’t keep it from him, I told him “Yes. I’m alone. ” Because I find it hard to lie anymore.

This time I spent 27 days in Shanghai, although it’s a summer school, I managed to find time between classes just to explore the city alone and sometimes with friends. Especially the last few days, I moved to a hostel in the city and spent some time alone because it was too troublesome to travel back and forth from the city to my university.  Traveling alone really put things into perspectives.

I find that traveling alone needs some courage, some self-confidence. When the buffet waitress asks you ,” eating alone?”  If you could just confidently saying, “yes, I’m alone.” And proceed having a table of four alone and enjoy eating carelessly, you just win the game.

I find that traveling alone is a kind of enjoyment. You can do whatever you like, you don’t have to care how others think of you. And that kind of freedom, it’s priceless.

Traveling alone makes you understand yourself more. You’ll realize how stubborn you can be. You’ll realize how much you adore or hate something.

Traveling alone makes me self-reliant. No one will help you carry your 15kg luggage to your destination except yourself. When you’re lost, no one will read the map for you except yourself. When you’re hungry, no one is gonna feel bad for you. When you’re at the most tired state of mind, no one is gonna bring you home. When you’re sick, no one is gonna care for you. When you’re sad, no one is gonna know, but you have to believe that it will passes. At the end of the day, no one loves you more than yourself.

Traveling alone makes me believe in yuanfen. Sometimes life has its own idea, you won’t know what will brings you at the road intersection, who you would meet at that train station, what you would see at the next stop. Believe that life is full of surprises and I never cease to be amazed by the beauty of it.

Some say, traveling alone is to find ourselves. However, you’re always with yourself, you just don’t realize it. Traveling alone just gives you the time and space, slow down to connect with yourself.

No matter where you go, there you are. – Confucius


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