22nd years old birthday: Can’t get any worse.

So I’m currently at Shanghai, on a summer school program at the Jiao Tong University. Yeah right you heard me, a Social science student at a engineering school studying modern ethics. Nothing can be more ironic than this.

On my birthday, we had this welcome tour to Shanghai city, so I went around the city but it was really bad. A bad day actually. I went through hell of having people in different channel, mingling and talking with people I don’t know, met plenty of acquaintances and I barely care. I tried to keep my facebook clean so nobody would actually knows about my birthday. And on the other hand, I don’t really want to celebrate birthday with strangers.

Then later next day, I tried to reach out to sunrise guy, because of all the emotions. I need someone to talk to. So I messaged him about so far my experience in Shanghai and my terrible birthday. He forgotten, it seems. But he did say that he’ll make it up to me and see whether he could find something interesting in US, which really makes my heart melts a little ❤


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