“Are you happy?”

Words got out of my lips unexpectedly, I don’t know where they came from. I recalled that moment vividly, we were sitting by poolside on a swing. I never expect a simple question would broke her down into tears. It was one of the difficult moments in her life. That was months ago. Still, that moment sometimes burns in the back of my mind. It still bugs me.

“What is happiness?”

A child doesn’t knows the word happiness before they can speak, yet it seems they are very familiar with it. It is a state of mind, an emotion that comes with certain physiological sensations. They learn to associate the word happy with the Duchene smile on their faces. But to them, happiness is simple, happiness could be anything.

As we grow up, life complicates. A friend once said that, happiness does not matter at all because to him being happy is not good enough. I beg it differ.

A friend said that happiness is when she sees her parents are happy, when her dad cooks her favorite dishes. Happiness could be from a bite of tasty pastry, a sip of perfectly brewed flat white or a smile from your favorite person. Another friend mentioned that happiness is sex on top of love. Happiness is at the end of the day, you can go home knowing someone you love will be waiting for you. Meanwhile, some said happiness is when doing things which are fulfilling.

Happiness could be very simple, yet we somehow forgot how to be happy in our life.

“Are you happy?”

It wasn’t just a question that I asked my friend. It’s a question for you and me. What makes you happy?


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