Clean slate.

Just now, I called D, after for more than a month. I didn’t thought of him for quite some time. The thoughts of him haven’t been bugging me, which is a good thing. Perhaps someone else took over his place. We catch up a little, it seems like he may or may not come back for the summer, depending on whether he got the job for the summer. He could be back for Christmas tho.

The signals were bad and our convo were really messy and with bunch of ‘hello’,’can you hear me?’. We chatted like usual but somewhere along the line he felt that we haven’t talk for so long. And towards the end, I said,

“Yeah. A lot of things happened. I got very good grade at my internship. And I’m seeing someone. “

“……*background noise and statics.* I need to get off the next station. I’mm going out of line soon.”

“Okay next time then….”

It was weird, how this whole thing ended. But it’s okay. I need to cut this loose, I need this closure. I need a clean slate.


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