Cycling trip with Sunrise guy, and what comes next?

Yesterday was a good day, went for a cycling trip with the sunrise guy at Nam Sang Wai, Yuen Long. It went well and he is absolutely adorable. We realized he is synæsthesic and he is so fucking smart and I can tell. I’m just scared he would think I’m the stupid one.  He is real sweet though. I rode the bike pretty silly and he called that cute. He made me blush. I realized he has a pretty huge palm and mine is like a dwarf compared to his. He said that is cute. I’m utterly speechless. He seems like he could easily melt my heart away with his sweet talks.

But he’ll be gone soon, next Monday and it is unsettling. It means that the next time I’m seeing him, it would be in 2 months time and I’m not too sure what to expect and do about it.





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