Sunrise with sunrise guy.

So… the story continues. I met the sunrise guy for Thai food dinner again (his fav, apparently his family used to own a Thai restaurant) and I suggested that we should go for a hike to the Victoria Peak from his hall (hostel). He seems to be cool with it and I snuck in and tried to wait till pre-dawn and leave from there to hike to see the sunrise. But things got bad, I got caught (as his hall is an all male hall) and I was kicked out. So I suggested that we go from my place, and yes he ended up came to my place and we hanged out (and watched a movie) and we took a nap (an hour or so, and separate beds if you were thinking something dirty) before we leave at 3.45am. And yeah. We literally spent 12 hours together and we managed to see half of the sunrise at the peak as the weather was bad. We had our breakfasts together at the McD nearby my house (at the exact spot I had with D before) before we went separate ways home.

Okay I think I have omitted out all of my feelings from the whole stories.
He has been nice and good and caring and a good listener (so far the best) and very much agreeable with me (not too sure he is such a person or just fake out that) and I realize we have a lot in common, both thinking and experience. But I am scared. He is being really nice to me that he sometimes compliments me that makes me feeling blushed and I’m not the prettiest gal that gets compliments on the daily basis. He did makes me feel special in his eyes and I am terrified of that. That’s why I’m not too sure about all these. I am very much confused about all these.


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