New beau, new obsession, new problem.

So… recently, I’ve been chatty with the sunrise guy and he has been real nice to me. I mean he traveled from his hostel to the school just to get me a cup of coffee because I said I needed one. He has been really kind too, as yesterday he came by and met me at the McD just around the corner from his hostel in the middle of the night just so that we could talk face to face about my crushes stories (and of course, the main character of the stories was D). He thought I was crying when I thought about D (as I took so long to type out given, the story is so fucked up and complicated), but I didn’t. I just don’t know how much I should tell him about D. And he was really flirty and sending mixed signals to me. And I think I am pretty fucked up or I should say the thought of him kept intruding my mind and this is not entirely healthy. At some point he was tempting me to have a relationship because of wanting to have a relationship but not because of the person that you love dearly. It really against my own principles and I have conflicting feelings about it. At the same time, I never been treated well before and at times his kind gestures really touched me and it really makes me wanna cry. But well, it could turn into a bad obsession or a new problem. However, I guess I can never be sure.


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