Some thoughts about death.

We are just tired, weary souls.

I came across an article about a woman who died of liver cancer, and she wrote her own obituary before she died. Her obituary is amazing, I mean I read that when I was very bored. No, sorry I’m now very bored too. See? Being bored can drives you a bit crazy. I think, it’s not so bad at all. Like what Irvin Yalom did with his clients, what do you want to write on your tombstone? 

And another friend of mine just attended his uncle’s funeral and expressed his epiphany about facing death in life. What we thought of life are fairly similar. We’re just living creatures who learn to live at a quarter of our live, then learn to die for the rest of our time. I like what he said.

I think funeral is just a ceremony for the living to face death. For me, the idea of my own death is not so scary. Just the thought of living through other’s death is insufferable.

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