Love is unconditional.

I called him last Saturday night. It wasn’t long but concise enough. I told him about my family problems, my parents’ marriage problems and my concerns with my time away from my family. At one point, he started asking me about what I think about my grandmother. I was honest with him and I told him although I don’t fancy her, I felt guilty about the way I treat her. And he said it reminded him of his mother and he cracked and cried.

“Why?….Why?….I’m sorry…..Why? Don’t cry…I’m sorry…”

I was so guilty.

Before he could say anything, my eyes swell up too.

“Now you’re making me want to cry too.”

“I finally understand how you (oversea students) feel. One thing about family and old friends is that no matter how long and when you reach out to them, you know their love is unconditional.”

He said while crying. We both know. We’re a little bit grown up now. What he said, makes me feel good and comforting.


I finally have an answer to my therapist’s question Who is he? To you, who is he? 

I cannot take more than he can offer. He is a friend. A close friend of mine. An old friend that I’ll always pour my heart for and love unconditionally.


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