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4897621752_6b02a44684_bJacinta Moore

Understanding who we are has less to do with discovery and more to do with remembrance than is typically understood. Have you ever had a realization that didn’t precede a laundry list of examples, isolated moments and meaningless experiences and random relationships that compile to reveal a pattern or truth? Probably not.

The real work of anything is simply becoming conscious of what is already true.

The essential point of a psychological guidance system (religious or not) – rather, the kinds that work – is not to supplant a mindset into you. Rather, to give you the tools for introspection, to figure out the answers yourself. To pose questions, give examples, have you reflect and through that recognition connect to your inner guidance system, your intuition, your essential self.

I say this with complete sincerity: the answers to these questions are some that have (literally) changed the course of my life. I’d be remiss…

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