I got moody all day again.


That constant heart pounding feeling.

Thub. Thub. Thub. Thub…..

All I can feel, all day is my heart pounding with the speed of train. I can feel it on my chest and my veins.

Nothing really calms me down.


Nothing calms me down. My hands are shaking. My knees are weak.


I need to be calm.


I went outdoor for some sun. It has been a sunny day. I sat down in the park in my university compound just to sun myself a little, in hoping that will ease my anxiety; calms my nerves down. It helped me.

It was a roller coaster day. I’m in my first week of university (senior year) and the add-drop period has been a great tension and stress to me. But things finally settled. I finally got my credit bearing internship and working in lab will be a new thing to me. I am nervous. I don’t really like to work in tight space. It gives me jittery feelings. I just got my last semester’s results too. There are surprises but it was fine. I got my CGPA improved but still not good enough to get first honor. It just not good enough.


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