Bad day.

So, I missed my appointment with my counselor today. Not a good way to start the day. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t miss my appointment on purpose. It just that I wasn’t sleeping so well yesterday, and my rescheduled appointment (out of sudden, through phone call a few weeks earlier) was 10 in the morning (I was forced to choose this slot, it was the earliest time that I can meet her 😦 ) and I’m never good with morning appointment. I ended up waking up 10.30am, shocked then freaked out. I immediately called the office to reschedule, but the earliest time I could meet her is February, which is ridiculous because I need to see her before my school starts. I couldn’t just start my school with a mess. So I proceed to call my counselor and talked a little, just to let off some steam and I think my cracky morning voice made me sounds terrible as if I just cried or something and she let me to see her next Tuesday.

At the mean time, I just feel bad. I just wanna cry for no good reason.


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