Someone like D.


Someone I met on the street while cycling down the old town of An Ping, Tainan. If anything, I think that god likes to play a game with me. Trying to tempt me and lure me into this dark side. For half of my trip, I was free. Physically and mentally and psychologically. I haven’t been feeling so free for quite some time. And then god gave me a test. Elgin is the test. He is 21-years old, Singaporean. Speaks fluent English (not Singlish) and Taiwanese Mandarin, Aquarius, free-spirit and maybe lost too, like me.

“You know, I don’t have to do everything and plan accordingly, I just want to go where ever I want to go. Just let fate brings me,” I said.

“OMG you have the exact same thought as me!!!!” he exclaimed.

And instantly we are like buddies. Teasing each other, asking silly questions. He ended up moved and staying the night at my hostel. The eeriest thing that he ever said to me was (out of nowhere, we weren’t talking before that, he was just lying on the beanbags),

“Have you brushed your teeth?”


“You probably should.”

I was literally freaked out in silence. I was terrified. He just said the exact same words as D. Some stranger just told me to brush my teeth and he does gives out some vibes like D. I was both ecstatic and terrified. I never thought I will meet someone like D. But everything is short-lived.  We have to go separate ways. One day that is all I was given.  I think the god is messing with me.


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