I felt my ego was bruised when my dad commented that my essay sucked.  I admit, it really sucked when I read it one last time for grammar checking. Full of errors.

Still, I am upset for not being good enough. I tried to avoid skyping with my parents as much as possible because I lied about my Taiwan trip that I am going with a friend but the truth is I am going alone. I feel incapable too. Because i have nothing good to tell my dad that it makes me feel bad and less worthy of a person when I talk to him. I feel that am just not good enough.

And I am an emotional mess. I don’t feel Hong Kong is my “home” anymore. I don’t feel my “family” as “home”. I feel lost. I just want to get away. I don’t feel belonged to something or someone. I longed for a “home”. The song “Home” by Gabrielle Aplin once sang “they said home is where your heart is…”.

Maybe my heart don’t belong here anymore.

One thought on “Home.

  1. Disconnect from all those people and situations that don’t match the magic you feel inside. Put your attention on what makes you smile. Surround yourself with people who like your smile, people who nurture the gift you are.
    I find when I act without thinking about where is best for me to land, crazy things happen.
    I invite you to wonder through the gardens of my site, there maybe something in there for you.
    My blessings to you, and this amazing journey you’re on.

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