That feeling. That irrational feelings that you had, sometimes. Where did they come from? I have done (many) things that based on my impulse, desire, or just by intuition. I find my irrationality dominates my life.

Sometimes it felt like a huge hand extending its arm pushing me down with palm on my forehead while I tried to fight against the force that is pushing me down.

I don’t understand. But if they are irrational themselves, should I unfold them? Should they be interpreted? What if there is no rationale, or reasoning behindIMG_20141117_224643
those irrationality? Can I embrace and accept them as part of me and live with it for the rest of my life? What if I ignore them? Or maybe they don’t need explanations?

I don’t know. For now, I don’t have the answer. I guess I will just hold on tight for now.


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