The pain is real.

I think that the world, actually somehow there are people out there who are actually somehow similar to you.

I had this group project where we talked about Viktor Frankl’s logotherapy. Somewhere along the meeting, someone shared about her personal experience where she had her ‘itch’ to do something that involves self body mutilation or modification, maybe a tattoo, haircut or piercing. So she was saying that she had this experience of cutting herself on her thigh and cutting will makes her feels better.Like a itch that needed to be scratch. Like a pain that wanted to be felt, physically.So she got her piercings on her upper ear and ear lobe exactly like mine.

My experience with my piercing too, very much like her ‘itch’. It was a spur at the moment and it hurts like fuck no kidding, but I was actually smiling at that moment because I can finally feel the pain. And that girl is looking forward to step up and get a tattoo, well i won’t be getting a tattoo so no worries. And I realized that tattoos and piercings are just morally and more socially acceptable way of feeling the pain rather than cutting your wrists with a blade. as you can never be sure how deep you will cut yourself and accidentally kill yourself.

And then another girl in the group too, blatantly admitted that she got her earlobes pierced just recently when she broke up with her boyfriend.

So yeah. I guess the pain is real.


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