Going into therapy.

Do I want to go so dark?

Do I wanna go so dark, so deep into reflection?

Is it necessary?

It looks like unnecessary to others.

But I should do this.

Going to therapy could open up the pandora box,

Its a mystery, its a game, its a secret unknown to me and others?

How dark should I go?

The realization that physical pain isn’t sounds so bad, or feel so bad.

How much I will like to tore myself down?

It’s like an experimentation.

I guess I need to know about how is it feels like to be at the opposite of the chair, to be a client.

It will be fun. I think. I mean, I guess its like a cheat sheet, as anything my therapist that finds important or appealing will be the things that are actually things that my lecturers are looking for.

Do I have the mental abilities to do so?

I think it will be a good testament.

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