Dichotomic sides of me.

I guess I am always the emotional one. Good day bad day. Sometimes my day is good, sometimes my day is bad.

Some days I enjoy being alone, the solitude. Some days I just go by my alter ego, go being an extrovert freely social without feeling not me, being exhilarating and refreshing to see the other side of me, then go around being solitude again just to recharge.

I think I notice I have such tendency lately. I don’t think it is a bad thing but I guess it will actually might makes me better, maybe a better person. Or maybe just me trying to compensate on my disappearance at the school or on the surface of the earth. On my inability to act like a normal person, go out social and talk to people and converse normally and maintain relationships like everyone else.  Maybe I’m just trying to be comfortable with myself and being an INFJ? Perhaps.


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