Meeting with the therapist.

So I went to the therapist at university. Finally after so long. I guess I should have go there long before this but its better than never. I need an proper outlet and I need to do my assignment about my life review and I need someone to straighten my life out so I can write it all down something. And I need the exposure as a client. I want to go into counseling industry and I think the best way to start is to see a therapist or a counselor myself. I need to see how this thing works and how it can helps me before I want to help anyone.

I waited at the reception for around 15 mins max and I already saw more than 3 persons walking in and out and waiting to see a therapist or received more than 3 call enquiries regarding the counseling session. I guess people are really stressed out about life, politics, exam or HK.

I wasn’t a shame that I need the counseling. So I didn’t sit behind the blind (for privacy) because I don’t think its necessary. I accept my flaws and I seek help as I needed it. It needs courage and I do think I am proud of my courage to seek help.

The therapist took roughly 20 minutes to make a case for me, asked me some simple questions why I am here for help and what’s been going on with my life. I just poured out and cried for a bit when I talked about how disengaged I felt with my family. How my best friend ditched me suddenly and left me here all alone and I never hear from him anymore?

I guess I am so frustrated with so much changes in life I am still in shock. Somewhere along the line she mentioned that I am cognitively (brain/mind) rational but feels differently to the situations and my reality does not fit my expectations and we will work on that part. I guess she is right and I will meet her again 2 weeks later.


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