I had this momentary revelation.I need to move on.

I sorta got a sign from whatever from above. There is this guy who always sat on the same row as me but a few empty seats away from me from my last semester’s statistic class that I wanted to know him but couldn’t as I don’t dare to and I am too chicken to ask or talk to him.

Today, he was sitting one seat away from me at my Buddhism and life course. Oh damn. It’s like the dejavu. I always seated on his right so I only see his side face all the time. As usual, he is alone and I wanted to talk to him and know him but again I am a socially awkward penguin and I’m too shy to start a conversation like a normal human.

Great. Shit. And I lose my chance again. Not too sure whether he will be in the class next week same spot though.

I’m not sure what the universe is doing/telling to me.


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