Anger. So much of it.

It’s not that I’m angry at D. We did message for a bit and he is all fine. Safe and sound arrived London yesterday. And I’m feeling fine about it.

I skype my dad as I haven’t been talking to him and updating him for weeks. I told him about I went to see the traditional chinese medicine and he suddenly lashes me out on me eating too much Mcdonald recently and I was very upset and angry because it has been really hard for me these few weeks. Mcdonald just being my stress eating and I swear to god I didn’t even eat that much but he kept repeating it blaming me for not taking care of myself and shits.

Quoting him “if you don’t take good care of your health, you are not going to do well in your study. you might as well quit your study and go to work. don’t waste money”

I am very pissed and I’m on my fking period and it has been crushing my uterus and it felt like a fking grinding machine is in my vagina and I wasn’t in the right mood to talk and listen to his obnoxious voice. All I did just say bye I want to sleep and switch it off. He is being such insensitive and has no idea what I’ve been through and has no right to judge me and criticize me and screw my emotions over in such a bad time.

I don’t need this shit.


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