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Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 11.08.20 PMBrianna Wiest

1. Wear comfy clothes. No good day in the history of ever took place in shoes that were giving you blisters and goal pants that were a half size too small.

2. Drink lots of coffee. It makes you happy. It gives you antioxidants. My personal school of research has shown that a warm drink in your hand and next to your computer makes everything 10x easier, I don’t know what other proof you need.

3. Read books you love. Every day. You won’t have to force yourself to read for 30 minutes to keep your brain stimulated or your reputation sustained when you find a story and fall in love with it. I don’t care how much you read or don’t or enjoy it or don’t, when you find something that not just answers your questions but narrates your story through someone else’s, it will carry you through…

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