Love, take care.

So this is it.

I tried to call him one last time around 10.40am, knowing that this might be the last chance to call him. Luckily he finally take my call.



“So the flight didn’t delay or anything.” Because of the level 8 typhoon.

“Yeah. Actually I’m on board now. ”

“So how do you feel?”


“This is the first time on a flight isn’t it? With the typhoon it might be scary.”

“Yes. But I think should be fine I guess. I was reading the newspaper on board. They are very anti-Russian government which is surprise.”

“Maybe they are very open minded one?…..Anyway. Please take care when you’re there. You tend to go disappear. You have very bad track record.”

“Yeah. We can still talk on Facebook or Skype. I will be changing my number. I will be disappear for two days at least. See Facebook. I will post updates.  And I will take care of myself. You take care.”

“….Yeah. *sob*”

“I have to go. I guess this is goodbye. Bye. *hang up* ”


I guess this is goodbye. Love. Take care.


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