Skin contacts.

I don’t normally touches people but I do have times where I yearn to be touched. I guess this is those times where I am being a hormonal bitch or just me being right before my period comes or just me ovulating. Being a girl is difficult. 

Anyway, I was being hmm. Slutty again. I mean, I went a bit far stretched. D came back today and we had dinner together 4 persons (left out J as he needed to go to reunion dinner somewhere). So our gathering fell short but still lovely. We still enjoy each other’s company and of course, food binge. I’m gonna miss this after D going to London. 

And yeah I did some point trying to touch D. NO not nothing sexual just arm, wrist and shoulder. Just to make sure he won’t flinch at me touching him I did that subtly. Like accidentally touches his hand when I stand next to him. Hold his wrist to get his attention. Something like that. He didn’t flinch or avoid me so I think it’s a good thing. But one thing weird is that he gave me some weird deep look when I sat opposite to him while typing something as if he has something to say. 


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