Hand Partialism or Hand Fetishism.

Today was the Orientation day for a club my roomie joined as executive committee. Me joining it as a spy for the day worked pretty well. It wasn’t fun fun but tiring one, very long day. Known a few new peoples and yes some okay-ish local HK guys  (one 3rd year Psychology major another 3rd year Mechanical engineering) which are okay. I mean, I am slutty, maybe hormonal. I am a whore. I want attention. I want touch. Physical touch. Care. Skin. Touches of warmness on my skin. I need it. For my well-being. I was patting their shoulders, try to get some more physical touches.

But they didn’t satisfy me. I mean they didn’t gave me high. They did nothing on me. I was disgusted their sweaty palms. Nothing more. I just want D. There is nothing like him. I think I have hand partialism or the easier term is hand fetishism, Just D’s hand is so different than others. Sometimes I just want him to touch me. Caress my skin. Feel his warm on my skin. Although I know his hands can be very cold sometimes but he does magic on me. Okay, I’m a fucking whore.  

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