His smile makes my day.

When you love someone, you just want to give the whole world to them. They will be your everything. They will be your aim. They will be your hope. They will be part of your dream.

But when things go bad, go out of plan, you will still love them. Even when you have to let them go. For their happiness. 


I caught him looking at me a few times these few days when he was sitting by the table with me in my place. As if he was looking for answer from me. Sometimes as if he was just missing me. Sometimes his look upon me just like what he used to do, back to the start, back in 2013 spring semester, when he used to have a crush on me. That lingering glance. I haven’t been seeing that for quite some time. For quite some time, I always look at him, study his face, his expressions. his eyes, his smile, I spent quite long time studying them, learning them, remembering them. 

When I saw him looks at me, and our eyes met, his eyes was almost too tired, I gave him a little nod with a little smile. Hoping he will smile back and when he did, it makes my day. 


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