Sleeping Naked.

Well. Yesterday, he came back to my apartment looking weary and tired at 1am. He didn’t say much as usual, just stuck with his work and feeling bad about telling everyone he is leaving HK. He is feeling guilty too, leaving things behind with such a short notice. Well then, he just trapped with his work, not talking too much. I just don’t think he wants to talk at all as he just couldn’t multitask and I don’t want to bother him.   

He ended up working through the night till 4am. I couldn’t sleep through the night as my headache from my new specs really bothers me. With him not sleeping makes me feeling unnerving. As he has no more clean clothes here, he listened to my suggestion of washing one t-shirt that he had and try to dry it so he could wear it after shower. Then, he wore that wet t-shirt and walked out of the shower. I mean, seriously, who the hell wears a wet shirt in a aircon room??? I proceed forcing him to not wearing that and sleep, afraid that he will catch a cold. He ignored me for quite some time but later on after laying down, with the lights off, he took off his shirt and hanged by the window.

Yeah. Naked. Geez. I want to see that but it was all too dark and yes he slept naked all night. Yeah. Okay this is too much for me to handle. Luckily I was tired as shit to think too much. 


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