First time expressive art therapy class: I’m weak.

First day at university as junior today and I attended the class ‘ The use of creative arts in social work settings’ where they used expressive art therapy to bring out the understandings and reflections in students. We went on doodling our name tags, tearing up A4 papers and build up abstract structures, then let others to judge what is it. Soon after, others will write them down on the piece of paper. After that, the maker will see whether the list matches their thoughts. Then the procedure carried on by writing a poetry to self(past, present or future) using the words on the list. And then yes. I did wrote something to my present/future self. I will post it soon enough. 

D’s departure has affected me a lot. I almost/ cried in the session twice because it is still too painful to me in deep down. I’m so weak. 

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