D went back home for two days and I went crazy a bit and survived the days by hugging at his sheets, let the smell of him soaked in my nostrils a bit. I even went on washed all my sheets in Dettol so they smells clean and smells like him. And came back today again with a brand new haircut. *shit with slightly military high and tight cut makes him looks slimmer and cut a few pounds off his face. And it makes me feeling jittery, nervous when I look at him. Well he is too hot and cute to handle. Irresistible. Somehow. Shit. Sorta the first time he looks so good and I’m pretty surprised. And I did had my new specs today with the intention to look hipstery and sexier LOL. 

Anyway, as usual, just me seeing him sleeping peacefully like a baby. Me just like a creepy stalker sitting by the bed observing how he sleeps. Okay this is bad but he is so hot with the new haircut I have the hard time to resist looking at him. Shit. I should stop doing this. 

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