Where should I start this. Well. The thing is nobody likes to change. Everyone loves the stability of life. Everyone loves the moment when it’s perfect and they just wanted to stay it that way. But life is not that way. There always been ups and downs. Happy and sorrow moments. You cannot understand and appreciate happy moments until you experience sad and sorrow moments or episodes. This also means that nothing is static. Nothing is forever. People changes, things changes. People ages and grows as time goes by. And changes can be for the better and for the worst. It can be voluntary or involuntary. 

Change is best if voluntary. 

That was D’s status for the past few months. We changed too. I mean, I changed and he changed too. Everyone notices that. Maybe wiser or older, more acne for me -__- Puberty is not helping me. For him is that he changed wiser, less boyish, less innocent but think more like a man now. HAHAHAHA. LOL.

Okay back to the serious topic. I don’t like changes. In fact I hate it so much (well now not so much as I used to be) that changes overwhelmed me and consumes me that it breaks me every time it happens. Learning to embrace changes is no easy task. It requires a lot of forgiveness in me and towards other and tolerance. Although I am better off now but still life is never going to be easy. It only gets harder and the only way to face it is adapt to changes. Sounds very dumb and rhetorical but that is the truth. Things will not get easier. The only way its going easier is to embrace the idea of change.

D is going away. A friend of mine from my A level called me yesterday that she was told by a Chinese fortune teller/exorcist that she has like 4 demons/ ghosts in her that one of them is from Indonesia 2 years ago, where we went on the same graduate trip and we took some pictures of orbs and ‘people’ that we shouldn’t. Leaving me with more doubts and confusions with myself. *when I told D he was very shocked and scared. I am feeling lost and don’t know what to do with my life. My future is bleaker than ever as I know my current CGPA is not good enough to bring me anywhere. And things are going to change no matter what.

Life still, must go on.   

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