If I could.

If I could, I will try to stop him from going. If I could. He deserves to have his family together.

D finally went home today after for staying at my place for more than 2 weeks. He said he will come back tomorrow but promise cannot be made.

I don’t know. Maybe my words did affect how he thinks. So he went home today.  I mean, yesterday after I asked him about his little sister I felt immensely guilty about making him feel bad about himself and he as a brother felt very disengaged with his little sister. Seeing her so helpless with her helicopter mom. I couldn’t let myself and him sleeping with that thought in his head. 

So right before he doze off to dream land, I sorta apologized to him. 

“Hey, I’m sorry I brought that up. I don’t mean to upset you.”

“You’re thinking too much again.” *Yes I always do. I spent too much time thinking for him. 

He is very sad about things that could not happen to her little sister. They could not share the bond as he had with his elder sister. And about how her sister might turns out to be depressed as him and has no friends and her mom being the stay-at-home will never let her sister grow up like a normal person. I don’t know. He is actually concerning about the well being of his family, which is a good thing. But the look on his face just so sad and makes me just want to tell him everything is going to be alright.

And now me just hugging his blanket, reminds me of how he smells because I miss him already. 

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