The Talk.

“What’s  your sister thinks about you leaving for UK?” 

I wasn’t thinking through when I asked him this. He has been staying at my apartment for almost three weeks and he couldn’t even had the chance to go home for a day or two due to his internship and shits. It has been almost  a week that he received the offer from the university but things wasn’t go so well so he couldn’t go back to his family. He hasn’t had the ‘talk’ with his family. You know, those you had when something big is up. Like marriage, divorce, migrating or something of that scale. I think I almost broke him by just asking this question. I can see that he showed a great dislike about his family might break into pieces and go estrange with his absence in the coming future. Especially with his little 12-years-old sister. I don’t know what to say to sooth his feelings but I think I did a pretty bad job at it. Just feels like I’m a prick. I just hope that he will be fine when he get back to his family.  


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