A new beginning (I guess).

7 June 2014

Yesterday I didn’t get the chance to make a one last call before I take off to Nepal. I called him twice on the plane but he didn’t pick up. I was disappointed at first because it will be comforting just to listen to his voice one last time for the coming two months. But he managed to whatsapp back as soon as he saw my miss calls. I guess he was in the workshop and unable to pick up my phone.

“good luck in nepal
I think you will at least like the part where you are in transist in china
come back whole ok
[half crying smiley face]”

“Yeah… I think so… Maybe grab mcd there
I’ll be fine
I’m sorry about yesterday.
I think I always do stupid stuffs pls forgive me”

“It wasn’t stupid
I’m sorry too”

“[red cheek smiley face]”

I think we’re fine and alright. I think we’ve set things straight and there won’t be anymore confusion. As I’m writing this, I’m on the plane to Nepal, overlooking the sky with little white clouds all over. My heart and mind feeling at peace. D is my best friend that I ever know since my university in Hong Kong who walks me through my tough days and happy one. He is that someone which you called him as your significant in your life and made your life more meaningful.
We’re never meant to be lovers but that is okay. Because after all these, I know we are never the right fit. We know each other more than ever. And after all we had been through, we’re stronger than ever. After all these, we still able to mend and apologise and go back again being each other’s good friend. It took us some efforts but we made it through despite all odds. Including this time. Because despite everything, I cherish the friendship that I have with him. I cherish him as the person who always being true to me and I can always be myself in front of him and without any judgements. Despite his flaws, I still see the good in him.
Nonetheless, I guess this will be the new beginning for me, for him and for us.



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