The truth about love.

Here we go again. The aftermath. I’m now on the way to the hk airport, taking off real soon to nepal for my 2 months summer internship. The moment is finally here. No surprises. The calamity that I’m feeling its odd. I haven’t been crying since I talked to D last midnight. I think I’ve solved the question that has been bugging me for so long. And the answer I’ve knew it all these time. Just that part of me unwilling to embrace it. Now the confirmation has done. And things turned into clarity.
I’ll always love him. I always do. But the friendship kinda love. A platonic one. Never more than that. Maybe we never have love before. Maybe I never meet something called love before in my life. Everything was just an illusion that my mind built to provide me the illusion of safety. Or maybe just me. The truth about love is, when you thought you’re in love, the feelings you experience, maybe they are just you, created by yourself.


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