Okay. The thing is we met last night. Me, KY and D finally went to the vegan sushi place at Yau Ma Dei. Soon after that the we grabbed ice cream at the 7-11 just around the corner. It was brief. Nothing special. Then we just went home because it is obviously weird with a third wheel-KY is with us. And of course, I’m not satisfied with just a dinner. I want to talk to him, just 2 of us. So I ran into his room around 10.30pm and he was actually cleaning up his room, so called ‘summer cleaning’. I just sat there amused by his quirkiness where his room was used to be hobo home now he was m mopping his floor, changing his sheets and his contented face when he changed his sheets.

I can’t believe what he can do to me, I mean just his mere presence just enough to cheer me up, feeling so much better about myself and this world. It got me thinking. I must tell him. I must reconfess again. I must tell him how I feel the last whole year. I must talk to him about us. Even in deep down, I know, I might not have the chance. Taking a leap of faith again is the only thing I can do and I have nothing to lose this time.

I should start thinking about my re-confession script for Monday. Fingercrozz!!


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