“i miss u”

Silly as it sounds, I miss D and I acted on my impulse. I sent him a midnight text with just

“i miss u”

I don’t remember the last time I saw him. It felt like forever. I need him. I need him bad. Maybe it was just me acting out like a slut who is ovulating. I need him like a cocaine to me. It was a dumb message. I quickly regret about it soon I sent it. But he did replied it next day afternoon.

” im not sure how to respond to that :’D 

by modest estimate we will next meet after exams when i come see you new apartment

That little girl inside me. I am both excited and frustrated at the same time. It drives me crazy. Pushing me towards insanity. I’m leaving. He is leaving too. I don’t have time. And his exams is till 28th May and I have no rights to bother him right now. He needed the space and time and his clear mind. And I have no idea when am I gonna see him again. I’m not too sure and it’s killing me. It felt like peeling my skins with a grater. I need him. Bad.

And I’m not even sure what is his reaction. Is that sorta ‘LOL’ expression he sent me? Argggh.


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