One year anniversary.

Yesterday was the first anniversary of my blog! YAY. Hooray to that. Well, not really good to say this but hmm. Why I started this blog? Because of D. A year has passed. I skimmed through a few of my initial blogs, I felt as if they happened yesterday, while some of my feelings might be different today, it’s funny while wonderful to see how things changed in just one year.

Me and D. As I predicted, we lost it. Although I tried so hard to mend things. It’s not enough, apparently. If things turns around and begin again, will I take the same move? I probably will. Don’t give me the choices because I will do the same for him. It was the hardest part for me. We were right for each other, but it’s not the right time. It will never be the right time. It was the hardest part that I have to admit. 


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