Let me go.

I ran to the music room soon after my choir practice. I knew he’ll be there practicing. He was preparing for another event, Everything by Micheal Buble (my love). He was slightly surprised I bashed in, but he kept playing without murmured a word. I assumed he allowed me to stay. I was admiring him playing the piano, I almost lost myself, drift into dream land. I was tired and they are good. They calms me down. They melt my stress and burdens away.

And the suddenly I thought of D. I wondered will he come to the event this Friday to see me singing.  I don’t know. I have to let go. I will, I am trying to break free from those memories of D. They are the past and I need to burn them off my mind. S is a good one. Don’t waste it. Got to let it go, say good bye.

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