Does he likes me too?

We spent like most of the night together. Me and S. It was a long night. We went to do material shopping for the decoration of cultural night, then move on having dinner. Just two of us. :3 Soon after, we spent like a few hours making light bulbs (yes making bulbs out of paper and polycarbonate).

At times, he tried to figure out who is that mystery person that I confessed to. He took my smartphone, wanting to check on the messages. I tried to stop him. But I sorta failed as he persisted. He raised my phone so up high I can’t reach. (T.T ) Nonetheless, he didn’t really check on my messages, but he did check out my gallery photos, where filled with my selfies that I’m not proud of. At least I made him laugh. :3

And one thing, we sorta have a lot of body contacts today. Like touching hands, he tried to dab me with yellow paints, and I tried to get back my phone. He was sorta into my personal space. Sometimes we are too close in distance, my heart skip a bit. I’m not too sure what is he thinking and doing. I’m slightly confused. Does he likes me too?


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