It is a disappointing day. A valentine day. A lonely day. I tried my best today, I make-up, wore my con, wear my cute mustard yellow knitted hat. Wishing that Kitty would see this, perhaps will join us (me and my friends, as I don’t dare to have one-to-one date). That didn’t happened. Long story short, I tried my best to ask him out, but he had a late class till 7.30pm, he insisted us not to wait for him. Quoting him “haha too many girls wanna date me.” In fact he always joke about this. ALWAYS. I started to hate this. I just don’t get it why he wants to dine alone during valentine.

Probably he is just not into me. Probably he has someone in his mind. Probably he is seeing someone else. Probably I’m just overthinking. Like the song, I want him but I can’t, I wanted to ‘hate’ him.

*Nonetheless, he did notice how different I was today at the first glance. He even complimented me ‘pretty’. My heart fluttered slightly. ❤

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