I’m afraid.

Yesterday night was good. I made my effort to insist to go to Kitty’s room, so to make sure he received my birthday gift( secret Bday gift- me as a secret admirer of his), and yes he did. He placed the yellow post it note on his white board. That makes it 2 of them. :3 I was so happy he did received it because I worried someone else might just took them and eat them.

We practiced for 2 hours plus. He’s adorable. But we didn’t talk much. More of him playing my guitar, talk shits, joking and bad puns. Nothing serious exchanged. He loves to joke. I laughed at them. And I find myself laughed too much in a day, my face and jaw kinda felt a bit sore.

He makes me very happy. I felt happy and warm when I thought of him, I found his smile is affectionate. I can just stare at him and smile. But we never talk, like talk, real talk, deep conversation talk. And I don’t know how and where to start with, if I really want to do this.

Because I’m afraid. If I ever let anyone go in, I’ll get hurt again. Or maybe I’m just not ready for this. 

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