Just don’t do silly things

Recently I’ve been spending more time with Kitty, very much in unexpected ways. I’m now collaborating with him, singing a song Kantoi by Zee Avi for an upcoming event- Cultural Night in my university somewhere next month. It was quite a surprise he agreed to play the guitar to complement me. And things go well, I am excited. We’ll be spending some time together alone, practicing.

Yesterday, he joined us for supper. Which wasn’t my idea, my friend did. Which is weird. Because we never do this. We chatted and laughed, and touched water here and there. But I can’t still understand him well, because we never talk into deeper conversations. He always jokes and talk nonchalantly. I can’t seems to understand him.

Today he joined us for dinner/meeting (I didn’t ask him too this time) for the decoration part of the cultural event. He suddenly turned into one of us. Which is also great, because I will be spending more time with him.


Great. Weird. I don’t know how to say this, or feel about this or how to approach him. I guess I’ll just listen to my bff. Don’t try to fall for him if you know you both are not gonna work or don’t click. Don’t do pity love. That just one terrible thing if you do. Don’t take him as a rebound guy. Both will get hurt if you do. Just don’t do silly things.    



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