I Hated College (And That’s Okay)

The beginning of freshman year was typical. I bounced around from friend to friend, trying to meet new people who mimicked my friend group at home. I yearned for the security of a clique because that’s what I was used to, but I never found it.

Instead, I met a guy.

Thought Catalog

I use hate in the past tense because I hated college, but I don’t hate it currently. Maybe that’s because I’m not there right now, and I can look back and reflect on all those long, emotionally draining lessons I learned there. I don’t hate college still because the past two and a half years taught me exactly what I don’t want out of life, and about the person I never want to be again.”

I won’t slander my school. It doesn’t deserve that. In reality, I’m probably one of the very, very few who didn’t enjoy their experience there. To give you a mental image, University of X (UX, for short) is a beautiful place, with a picturesque green surrounded by gorgeous brick buildings supported by massive white pillars. There are fountains along the sidewalks and even a set of arches where you’re supposed to kiss your significant other…

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