I deserve better.

Being ignored is a terrible, terrible feeling. Especially those you have no idea what happened and things between you and them just fall apart.

The silent treatment is the worst kind and you can do nothing about it.

And I am getting one, at least that’s what I think it’s going on between me and D.

I never get his reply whenever I ask a question or initiate a chat through Facebook. The last one was 11days ago. He left there seen but never reply.

Childish. Cowardice.

I hate it. It makes me felt terrible about myself, I felt worthless in his eyes.

Not significant.

And that just mean. Pure mean.    

That hurts me so bad. I cried a bit.

I want to be cherished too. I don’t want to feel this way. I want a clean slate, a new start. I want to be loved by someone and feeling loved too.

And I deserve so much better than this I know, I know I deserve better.


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